Ricardo carvalho: falcao is real perfect puzzle of the offensive line

Ricardo carvalho: falcao is real perfect puzzle of the offensive line
Former real Madrid defender ricardo carvalho said that if left Monaco falcao, Colombia striker will be a perfect galacticos attacking puzzles.
According to the media falcao Botas Ronaldo 2014 would travel to the bernabeu this summer, but in an interview with the aspen newspaper, Monaco defender ricardo carvalho said Colombia striker will make real Madrid striker so powerful. He said: "everyone knows that cristiano ronaldo is the best player in the world, and is also the most professional."
"In terms of professionalism,Botas De CR7 falcao is the closest to him. He will have a long career, because he is very careful with yourself. Cristiano ronaldo, falcao, bear will form in the history of football's worst trident. But it is best to leave falcao for Monaco."
"I think falcao's perfect puzzle of real Madrid in the offensive line. Cristiano ronaldo is the best in the world, bell is also very good with falcao and one of the best Botas De Cristiano forward. I am a defender, I didn't want to play with them."


Mr: what's the matter? Er: his today's performance is not very good

Mr: what's the matter? Er: his today's performance is not very good
Germany in the second round of the World Cup group stage 2-2 draw with Ghana, it is not a acceptable results, but to worry about German media, the captain of the ram of the two state seems to be quite low.
At the scene of the Nike Galaxy Foot guest on TV ratings ball, bayern legend sol for his today's performance bluntly said: "his today's performance is not very good."
In bild score after the game, lahm also rare to get a low score of 5 points, and in a game and Portugal, lahm also scored only for three points to pass the exam.
What happened to his? This Mercurial De CR7 season at bayern Munich, he has always been the team's first-choice centre-backs, and played a world-class performance, but why the two games in the national team so low? Bild, according to the analysis in the German cup final, the ram has been a long-term truce a period of time, not able to catch up with the team to complete the training camp is perhaps captain lahm now hasn't found in one of the important reasons,Mercurial CR7 Galaxy but bild also says that for a ram, all people have to be patient, he for Germany's importance is self-evident.


Atletico Madrid to introduce gray within many succession diego - costa

Atletico Madrid to introduce gray within many succession diego - costa
According to Goal.com, atletico Madrid intend to spend 25 million pounds signing Manchester city striker in gray.
The Spanish champions atletico Madrid last season has lost a striker - villa has traveled to the United States for gold, and Chelsea to diego - costa Mercurial Boots 2014 also stirring. In this case, the sheets legion has taken the spotlight in the Manchester city striker gray, the Spanish international is considered a possible diego - costa double.
16 million pounds from sevilla last summer, Manchester city signed within gray, at the same time with an additional clause of 4 million pounds. But now they want to use the 75000 pounds a week striker for a bit.
Low to go high gray within more Cristiano Ronaldo Boots 2014 than last season, scored 23 goals in the end of January, with the combination of aguero feared. Can be due to a shoulder injury, the 28-year-old striker in the last 16 games last season before 1 ball, this also let him lose the Spanish national team's World Cup squad.
The will next season Manchester city striker sergio aguero despite real Madrid and Barcelona's chase, but Manchester city are difficult to go the top star; And dzeko has got the trust of the coach Manuel pellegrini, and may have in the World Cup after the signing of the new testament; Montenegro striker about vidic if can recover fully from the constant injury last season,New Mercurial Vapors 2014 will also get a lot of opportunities; And there is potential for yaya toure position further. In such cases, he may not be able to obtain sufficient opportunity.
In addition, for life is still not used to in Manchester, is also likely to prompt more than this in grey back to Spain.


And yellow one! The bayern Munich defender joined right zenit

And yellow one! The bayern Munich defender joined right zenit
According to a report by the SPORT1, bayern Munich, the long-expected benfica defender and ray will join and Russian side zenit st Petersburg, bayern this summer to introduce a new central defender has no new progress.
Speculation has previously,adidas f50 carnaval bayern for benfica defender and ray is very interested in, but bayern are already close to the sign, but add ray's agent has confirmed in an interview that his players will join zenit, and this is bayern after miss David ruiz, miss the second goal.
But don't rule out the possibility of this is that bayern took the initiative to give up, because the German media had earlier reported that compared with the 27-year-old garay, bayern's favorite athletic bilbao star defender laporte,f50 adizero carnaval but Mr. Laporte also recently has extended his contract with the team, and penalty due to breach of contract to continue to improve, bayern Munich in the summer is hard to win it.


Jose mourinho: sensitive every need to be trusted

Jose mourinho: sensitive every need to be trusted
GOAL.com reports, Chelsea boss jose mourinho says when every confident he is a world-class players, mourinho said with him is a "sensitive" player, he needs to feel loved.
Move from real Madrid to Latest Football Boots 2014 join Arsenal last season, with him in the first games of the season has been widely praised, but then the injuries and fatigue affected his performance, he has some criticism.
To jose mourinho in an interview for the German fans and Arsenal fans support him, he said "you it's hard to criticize him, for him is with him, if you want to be aggressive on the pitch, he constantly running to show their passion and enthusiasm, this is not to be with him."
Then mourinho said: "with him is that Top 10 Football Boots 2014 every time the ball, the ball will be a smile, every time every passing, the ball into the right direction, the right, the right place, that is with him."
Mourinho added: "I learned to get along with him, because we had been together for a long time, he is a very sensitive player, he need confidence, need to trust, to feel the people supported him, so he will play beautiful football, he was able to find the Cheap Football Boots 2014 right teammates at the right time, sometimes you can't see him, he will not appear on the TV screen many times, but he is a special player."


Bayern to dig the therapist, reduce tensions melon handsome happy event

Bayern to dig the therapist, reduce tensions melon handsome happy event
According to the Munich daily quoted the sport bild newspaper reported that bayern Munich for bayer leverkusen currently therapist bloom of (HolgerBroich) renewed interest, they hope will be introduced to mitigate bayern coach pep guardiola and physio theo method.
Say again, because of Hypervenom De Neymar interest from bayern Munich has a long history, as early as a year ago, there was talk that bayern are very want to signed the experts in the field of medical treatment, there are even rumours that bayern are willing to use emre - as a bargaining chip in exchange for the broad yi zhan. But the broad Iraq was at the time of interview said: "bayern invitation let me feel very honored to, but I refused, my future belongs to bayer leverkusen."
Today, bayern again wanted to sign, the reason is wants to let him as a middleman to bayern mediation pep guardiola and theo falt, as is known to all, pep guardiola and bayern Munich "imperial" theo law Botas Neymar 2014 relationship is not very harmonious, bayern want to block the signing, let him as the team's physical therapist and fitness coach, at the same time also let him as a middleman to ease tensions between the two.
In when I first got to bayern, guardiola has hope wall method to treatment for players at the club, but theo, insist on working Hypervenom Neymar 2014 in the clinic downtown, in addition, two of them had injury problems have been unhappy for tiago.


Watts: Royce can become more legendary, he won't go

Watts: Royce can become more legendary, he won't go
Borussia Dortmund CEO watts grams recently said in an interview, he believes that Royce and coach at all can't leave the club.
At the time of World Cup 2014 Football Boots "kicker" interview, watts said: "where Royce next season also won't go, he will remain at borussia Dortmund, there is no doubt about it."
Watts grams continued: "we hope we can have been left Royce, he has a chance to become like wu wei in Dortmund - Schiller is to Hamburg,New 2014 Football Boots beckenbauer is the character in bayern Munich, he can become legend of Dortmund, to create your own time." Speculation has previously, Barcelona and Manchester united are all very interested in Royce.
For the boss Mr. Klopp,2014 World Cup Boots watts said: "his contract will expire in 2018, he would never leave."


Hodgson: after the game to qualify no problem, rooney performed very well

Hodgson: after the game to qualify no problem, rooney performed very well
England manager Roy hodgson 1-2 lost to Italy's World Cup in the first after the war, told BBC sport: "we've been looking forward to a perfect start, but we don't live in a perfect world. In the second half we played Mercurial 2014 World Cup and scored a goal. But we still have to swallow the bitter loss. England in backward actively took measures, it's a pity that the Italian caught them only once or twice the opportunity to send the ball into the net......"
Hodgson added: "I think rahim - sterling very aggressive, make a lot of threat, Danny welbeck and some highlights moment; and Steven gerrard and Jordan Henderson is completed the plan before us."
"Accept defeat reality is hard, CR7 Mercurial 2014 but the performance has given us to continue to go forward a lot of confidence. Wayne rooney played great, he is to offer a spectacular assists. We all know that Wayne rooney can play a lot of position, today he will be the satisfaction of their performance. Of course, the promotion is no problem, but the mood is a bit low."


Sevilla will sign almeria midfielder matteo paro, sell second team goalkeeper

Sevilla will sign almeria midfielder matteo paro, sell second team goalkeeper
Sevilla is close to signing almeria 24-year-old midfielder matteo paro (AlexisVidalParreu), four-year contract, club talks the two sides are detail, a fee will be from 300 to 300 euros. Also included in the contract of sevilla's second team goalkeeper JulianCuesta transfer almeria.
Currently, Mercurial Vapors 2014 sevilla have announced in June 13 official JulianCuesta, 23, officially transfer to almeria, a three-year contract, shall have the right in the last two seasons but sevilla to repurchase. Due to almeria, 38, captain keeper esteban (SuarezEsteban) returns the orvieto this summer, so JulianCuesta has the potential to be the team's number one goalkeeper. In January this year Cuesta has been on loan to almeria, but didn't get his chance.
Last week, sevilla to paro initially proposed quotation is 2 million euros, raised on Tuesday to 3 million euros, but chairman of almeria Alfonso - Garcia want to offer 4 million euros for it. Although paro intentionally,Mercurial CR7 2014 valencia and villarreal, but the player wants to join sevilla. Matteo paro for almeria starting 34 times this season, substitute 2 times, the league for the team scored five goals and three assists.


Kirk: I don't consider a day to leave atletico Madrid | learn from Harvey

Kirk: I don't consider a day to leave atletico Madrid | learn from Harvey
Although considered possible move to Manchester united, Chelsea and Barcelona, atletico Madrid midfielder cork stressed that oneself will remain in the team next season.
The 22-year-old is one of Mercurial 9 Cleats the most outstanding player atletico Madrid last season, he also help simone's team won the first league title since 18 years, and into the champions league final.
Kirk 49 appearances in all competitions last season, he also included in Spain's 23-man World Cup. Spain midfielder has been linked with many European clubs,Mercurial Cleats but he said he does not consider leaving calderon.
He said: "my future is with atletico Madrid. I am very happy at the club and also has a contract with the club, I don't consider leaving." Kirk also said he was about to attend the Brazilian World Cup glory, but need to keep patience to wait for his chance.
Kirk said: "now I focus only on Mercurial IX the preparation for the Brazilian World Cup for Spain. My dream is to be able to help the team win the championship and has his chance, but it depends on the coach. I have come to the national team, every day I can learn in players like xavi."


Omar: Lionel messi hundred support me, he is a very good person

Omar: Lionel messi hundred support me, he is a very good person
Barcelona's Brazilian striker in the maldives has said in an interview with the journal RedBulletin, club team-mate Lionel messi Adidas Nitrocharge 2014 in the otc kept 100% support to him.
Said: "over the counter, messi 100% support me, and not just for me, when you see him treat others in the same way, you will realize how good he is a man."
Recalls in Barcelona debut season,Nitrocharge Football Boots said: "not so perfect, but it is not so bad. This is my first time to leave the country, I miss your friends and family. In the beginning is difficult, but no matter in the field of professional or personal domain, I learned a lot, from every player and I'm also Black Nitrocharge in adjusting their own style. Some people on the field performance is very good, some are very well in training... from all the people there, I can absorb the strengths."


Celta for atletico Madrid on loan star sol

Celta for atletico Madrid on loan star sol
According to marca, celta intends to atletico Madrid midfielder on loan sol (Saul Niguez). Under 20 sol last season on loan in the column of kano, 34 appearances in la liga and scored 2 goals, playing time more than predator adidas 2012 3000 minutes, completed a great season.
Atletico Madrid and celta harmonious relations between the two teams already a long time, now played for atletico Madrid's diego - costa and Mario soares have played for celta on loan. And celta new coach berry cable (Eduardo Berizzo) has very good relations with atletico Madrid technical personnel, he is also through these friends are expected to complete the loan of sol.
Sol extending his contract with atletico Madrid at the end of the season to 2018, and contains a buyout clause of 19.5 million pounds. Reportedly, there are several premier league clubs, clubs are interested in it, adidas predators 2013 Liverpool had news from its father's contact. At present about sol, atletico did not make a public response.

Elena hummel's girlfriend: I very want to see

Elena hummel's girlfriend: I very want to see
German centre-half hummel's girlfriend fisher (CathyFischer) has in his own bild column expressed his cristiano ronaldo would like to see his girlfriend Elena wishes.
Fisher wrote, in the Blue Mercurials IX column "on Wednesday I will put on my favorite flares flew to Brazil. German football association also gave me before I take off a World Cup. The introduction includes travel guide, key chain and a small pennant. Before this is all for the players, but this time we can also take it in the World Cup."
"I want to meet Eleanor, ronaldo's girlfriend. She is an incomparable lady, she was walking in the forefront of the fashion world, and know the most fun place on earth. I want to ask her, she will take me a week,Nike Mercurial Blue or accepting my interview. That everything is perfect."

The premier league club was penalized for minimum wage level is not up to standard

The premier league club was penalized for minimum wage level is not up to standard
According to the daily mail reported, a premier league club employees for the minimum wage was not up to standard and the punishment.
British tax revealed by Nitrocharge Blackout the general administration of customs, the club staff salary is lower than the lowest level of 6.31 pounds per hour,differedesitions but declined to say which is a club, because want to taxpayers bear the obligation of confidentiality.
The British trade union secretary Mr. Grady condemned the incident: "high salary for players the club should withhold employee wages, Nitrocharge 3.0 is really shocking. Tax administration punishment should be given all attempts to account for employees bosses to take advantage." In charge of commerce minister wei lott also said: "it is illegal to pay less than the minimum level, will be facing severe financial penalties. Later in the Black Nitrocharge government under the new rules of offenders will be made public."


Villa: don't lie on the South Africa World Cup wins sleep

Villa: don't lie on the South Africa World Cup wins sleep
In the game and el Salvador, the history of Spain's striker David villa in the second half substitute small method, form of he scored twice to help the team win.
"For these two goals, as well as Spain's victory was pleased," villa said after the game, "in a friendly match against such conditions today is good, we need to overcome the high temperature and other Tiempo Boots difficulties."
Play lost penalty for small method, villa said: "if there is weakness in the national teams, it's a penalty, but I'm confident we can scored the next one."
In the second half, villa and club team-mate diego - costa overwhelming impact on attack opponents defence, costa state is very good today, he said "the game he played very comfortable, although missed the goal, but the performance is quite good."
About the forthcoming World Cup group opener Tiempo Legend against Holland, villa said: "we are all very hard training these days, I think we have been ready for the World Cup. I'm happy for his national team, I will work on."
The World Cup in South Africa, four years ago, it was villa a ball and a goal to help Spain, but talk about the past, villa sleep think they won't lay down on the list. "A thing of the past will not bring any advantage to me, Tiempo Football Boots now have to put up good performance to help the team."


Bild: Barcelona have 5 years contract signing, Kitty

Bild: Barcelona have 5 years contract signing, Kitty
According to the German newspaper bild reported in the press, the performance of the season sevilla midfielder has signed a five year contract with Barcelona, his annual salary of 8 million euros.
Pull, according to bild get predator adidas 2013 Kitty with Barcelona signed a five-year contract. Now Kitty with sevilla's contract expires next year, the two teams agreed in the negotiation of the transfer price of 20 million euros. After the transfer of the Kitty will fohaysical get a salary of 8 million euros in new contract.
Kitty's earlier in the bundesliga club schalke, croats in for schalke scored 16 goals in 135 games and 29 assists. Then pull Kitty to 9 million transfer price to sevilla, Kitty's growth is now in seville hot star. Pull Kitty this season,adidas predators 2013 as the captain of the seville, contributed 12 goals and 10 assists, and help the team to champions league cup.


Roman abramovich's enterprise and the blues satellite team to sign the sponsorship contract 3 years

Roman abramovich's enterprise and the blues satellite team to sign the sponsorship contract 3 years
Truphone and lotus JiaWei manager team have reached a three-year sponsorship deal, Chelsea owner Roman abramovich has Truphone stake of the company.
Chelsea have already established close ties with the eredivisie, Chelsea's Lucas - Pearson, christensen - azuz, Bernard - Mr Traore and Patrick Fan An holt are digging in the eredivisie. And Sam hutchinson and card kuta is on loan at Dutch.
Last year, Mr Abramovich paid Mercurial Astro Turf Trainers 70 million pounds for a 23.sthchampion 3% stake in the international mobile phone network company, it is since he bought Chelsea in 2003, the British company's biggest investment. Such, Roman abramovich and his friend and former business partner Alexander abramov cooperation, abramov owns a 60% stake in the Truphone company.
Earlier this year, the former vitesse boss Joel dani had been accused, manipulate the vitesse Stanford bridge, claims that the "London" did not want their champions league.
In just over the eredivisie league, leading vitesse once, but soon out of the title race, finally doesn't even have a top-four into, and in the eredivisie league, only the first two can advance to the champions league.
Sponsorship agreement with Truphone Mercurial Astro company will promote the development of vitesse, vitus's club lost more than 35 million pounds in the last two years, they are now trying to meet uefa "financial fair law standard", but uefa to monitor the agreement.
Manchester city and Paris saint-germain, uefa President michelle michel platini has been adopted the so-called "innovation" of the sponsorship contract, to increase their income, in case it fails to meet the uefa "financial fair law standard" by sanctions.
Manchester city boss ABU dhabi family, Mercurial Astro Turf with ABU dhabi national airline to al-ittihad reached millions of level of sponsorship contract, these projects include shirt sponsorship, school courses and football. And the owner of Paris st germain qatari royal family, the sponsorship deal with Qatar tourism administration.


God revealed atletico Madrid front costa, refused to renew leave to enter the countdown

God revealed atletico Madrid front costa, refused to renew leave to enter the countdown
Exclusive disclosed according to the world dello sport, diego - costa has refused to provide the contract extension of atletico Madrid, costa salary will be improved in the new contract, the other his penalty due to breach of contract will rise sharply (currently costa contains 40 million penalty due to breach of contract in the contract). This means that the costa departure has entered the countdown.
It is reported, costa has decided Black Mercurial Cleats to leave the calderon stadium, and to the premier league, and this team left-back felipe is almost the same situation. Atletico feels Chelsea would be a popular destination, but the lexerguson atletico Madrid was surprised the blues in high have yet to get in contact with atletico Madrid. In fact is a popular to leave the decision did not surprise people. , until the end of the season but costa told the club about his future decisions. After the champions league final, costa is still in the silence of the attitude in the face of reporters, the club high-level already aware of the atletico Madrid team chief striker is about to leave, so atletico already in the market looking for Blue Mercurial the "double" costa, the club high-level think costa leave at least can bring 40 million euro for atletico Madrid the signings of funds (costa penalty due to breach of contract for the euro 40 million), which helps the team in the transfer market this summer acquisition of reinforcements to strengthen atletico Madrid striker.
Is understood to have several forward name and a link between sheets legion, they respectively are luca libraries, Porto striker martinez, tottenham striker soldado, sevilla striker barca (Carlos Bacca).


Henry happy wenger renewal: people need to realize the importance of him

Henry happy wenger renewal: people need to realize the importance of him
Arsenal legend thierry Henry, said he was glad to see the gunners boss arsene wenger finally with the club signed a three-year the new testament.
Henry says unless arsene wenger finally leave the emirates stadium at the same time, the influence of the French teacher for the gunners won't be full attention. Henry told sky sports news: "I know that Blackout Football Boots wenger will ultimately choose to stay at Arsenal, especially after winning the fa cup."
"He was so deeply in love with the club, I think that he left Arsenal ifferentrother is always a hard thing to do, he signed a 3 year contract with the team, I hope they can succeed. Only when some people leave you Cheap Football Boots will miss to him, you will realize that his club will give everything."
Henry at the same time support the former Arsenal player cesc fabregas, who is considered likely to return to the premiership this summer. Henry added: "cesc fabregas is very strong, I watched him at 16 years old began to establish oneself in the gunman, and we play together he is not stage fright."
"For his return to the premiership Black Football Boots I don't think there is any question. If his name appeared, there will be many teams lined up ready to sign him. I don't know if he is to leave Barcelona, but I want to say if you are that type of player, especially refer to his past, a lot of teams would be very interested."