Dempsey: if there is not much opportunity, also I hope to transfer

Dempsey: if there is not much opportunity, also I hope to transfer
Bayern Munich player dempsey has publicly complained when in an interview in his dissatisfaction on the now situation, he said if his next season in the position of the team hasn't changed, he wanted to try something new.
Dempsey in an interview in the first of the coach pep guardiola, he said guardiola look isn't very confident: "I feel a little bit sea because Banks are more confident, perhaps because pep guardiola and players Nike Mercurial Vapor SG communication less."
The present situation in the team and for himself, dempsey said: "obviously, I don't want this situation gredsiveray continue, if you haven't changed, I wish I can make some changes, I hope I can start in important games, rather than when the outcome is set to play, I don't want to next year."
Dempsey continued: "I have gained a Nike Mercurial 9 lot of experience, so I was disappointed I played so little time."
For the British media speculation he will join Liverpool before news, dempsey said: "it is obvious that if I move, I'll go to abroad, rather than in the bundesliga, but this must be a championship team, for me, I want to be able to play for a top club, the champions league game is also very important to me, wait and see."
But even so, dempsey said he was still more Nike Mercurial SG hope in bayern dream: "I want to be able to fulfil his contract."


Legend: the gunners priority is to buy forward, rather than the back small method

Legend: the gunners priority is to buy forward, rather than the back small method
Former Arsenal midfielder parlour said in an interview that he believed the striker is the gunners have been the focus of the signings this summer, will not sign back to the old cesc fabregas.
After it emerged that the Spanish midfielder Blackout Football Boots is not satisfied in Barcelona, he is considering a return to make a name for himself in the premier league. His old club Arsenal have priority right of repurchase the player, but the gunners will old rainsinawremp parlour don't think they should sign back the midfielder.
About cesc fabregas is, "he said, what are you going to put him in where? Arsenal have many similar with the method of small players -- every chapter, cazorla, wilshere, fabregas, to deliver if you how are you going to arrange him? He is Cheap Football Boots a great addition to the club will, but it wasn't a striker should be a priority. When you look at Manchester city and Liverpool, their striker is much better."


Dortmund midfielder was international fines of up to 60000 European for misconduct

Dortmund midfielder was international fines of up to 60000 European for misconduct
Before borussia Dortmund player gross Chloe, because after the German cup final in Berlin's drunkenness is national coach joachim loew warning in the hotel, at the same time, according to German media reported bild national team with a 60000 euro for the generalist ticket.
In the German cup final gross Chloe, Neymar Shoes drunk after urinating in the hotel lobby, then also have quarrels with hotel guests. National coach joachim loew said. "he has been admitted to us I wrong. It has gone."
For gross KeLuoYiCi this behavior, national team teammates amgonsleag also published their own views. Captain lahm: "it is important to him to put all the energy to the team. This is what he gave me the feeling." ShiWeiYinSiTaiGe: "the most important thing is that he did well on the pitch." Lukas podolski: "I don't drink at all. It had already happened, but should not happen again the Nike Neymar GS second time. If such a thing happening again, the parties should be aware that this is too much alcohol at work." Close: "this is what we in the German cup final against Dortmund. But he did very well in the national team."
Coach joachim low and the leader bierhoff also warned the gross Chloe, if similar events happen again, he would leave from the national team.


Biography: if cesc fabregas leave, Barcelona want to purchase herrera

Biography: if cesc fabregas leave, Barcelona want to purchase herrera
According to the Spanish media dello sport of the world, if cesc fabregas this summer from Barcelona, bilbao midfielder herrera may become his replacement.
, according to the newspaper Mercurial Vapor Superfly IV if cesc fabregas decided to leave before the new season began, Barcelona will pursue herrera. Cesc fabregas and herrera and the team's current contract with 2 years, but the latter want to iscusransfer be able to participate in the champions league, while the former due to criticism may choose to leave.
Herrera and bilbao's contract termination clause contained in a 36 million euros, and Barcelona might take this way to take away the 23-year-old midfielder. Herrera are considered very admire Barcelona tactical style, and very Mercurial Vapor Superfly 2014 willing to play along with andres iniesta. But if it is decided to the player, he is more inclined to stay 1 year team.
Cesc fabregas is likely to return to the premier league, and Manchester united, Arsenal are on him. Barcelona have may choose to sell him this summer for the reconstruction of the money for the team.


Bild: neuer because of a shoulder injury and will miss the World Cup

Bild: neuer because of a shoulder injury and will miss the World Cup
At the weekend in bayern's German cup final against Dortmund shoulder injured Germany goalkeeper neuer's condition is not optimistic, according to German media, bild reported after receiving professional doctor check, the doctor said neuer is likely to miss the World Cup, "neuer back will be a miracle".
Neuer injured his right arm has been new nike tiempo 2014 bound with bandages to eadingstacart minimize the burden of the shoulder, now neuer outlook is not optimistic. In recent days the German football association has kept in touch with neuer ask when neuer is able to meet with the national team. The current national coach joachim low has to respond, the present measures is once neuer missed the World Cup, now Barcelona goalkeeper, root will be called into the squad, straw, straw root on standby.
Neuer injury after examined by experts jens Lehmann (Lehmann) doctors. Jens Lehmann (Lehmann) doctor is 52, surgical and sports medicine experts, and is good at treating shoulder injury. Lehman's World Cup prospects for neuer very anxious, nike tiempo ronaldinho he said "the injury is very worrying. The World Cup is about to start soon, in such a short time to restore health is going to be a medical miracle. Though it was minor injuries can also cause very, very big pain, this is the problem facing."
But the national team assistant coach frick (people) are still cigna il to be back in action in a timely manner, "neuer will comeback, he is the guarantee of our World Cup."

Eto 'o shelling mourinho again: a puppet

Eto 'o shelling mourinho again: a puppet
Recently, the Cameroon striker Samuel eto 'o had an interview with the African football association's website, referring to the coach jose mourinho's relationship with the club, he used a "puppet" to describe the blues boss.
Chelsea boss jose mourinho was mercurial fast forward 2014 exposed by the media in the earlier private question the age of eto 'o, caused the contradiction between two people, eto 'o last week had "fool" is used to describe jose mourinho. But Samuel eto 'o look to this matter ndseheir will not be able to let go, the football association's website is the World Cup in Africa in an interview, he expressed his dissatisfaction again.
When asked about his relationship with mourinho, eto 'o, said: "my age and a puppet said, on the other hand, my physical ability is still very energetic. 33 years old, I feel good. I've proved that can do better than the young mercurial cr7 2014 ."
Eto 'o and Chelsea contract will expire next month, when it comes to his future, he said: "I'm not going to go to America or the Middle East. I will continue to play at the highest level of the game. I and romance that football is far from over. I won't tell you where, but I'll stay at the highest level of competition."
"I'm 33 years old, there are 2 World nike mercurial 10m Cup can play. Before I also have the players to continue playing until the age of 41, so I can continue." Cameroon legend her uncle at the 1994 World Cup at the age of 42, breached the Russia's goal.


Portugal 23 people list: cristiano ronaldo, ricardo quaresma

Portugal 23 people list: cristiano ronaldo, ricardo quaresma
On May 20, the time in the morning, the Portuguese coach bento announced the team's 23-man party for the World Cup final, the squad by cristiano ronaldo, pepe, nani star led, such as before to be included in the 30's list centre-half ricardo quaresma and inter rolando regret losing.
Portugal's 23-man includes real Buy Copa Mundial Madrid's cristiano ronaldo,'s,rikarienzem pepe three star and Manchester united winger nani, such as Monaco midfielder his manager's name. List there three new selected at the same time, braga striker rafael before only 1 times international game experience, benfica defender almeida and sporting Lisbon midfielder ricardo carvalho is also only had two caps. World Cup in Portugal and Germany, the United States and Ghana in group G, fierce competition.
Add: Portugal's 23-man
Goalkeepers: Patricia (sporting Lisbon),Copa Mundial Sale theo (sevilla), eduardo (braga)
Defender: Andre - almeida (benfica), Bruno alves (fenerbahce),'s (real Madrid), joao pereira (valencia), inside (zenit), pepe (real Madrid), ricardo costa (valencia)
Midfielders: jose mourinho (Monaco), miguel veloso (dynamo Kiev), meirelles, fenerbahce, robben - amorim (benfica), William ricardo carvalho (sporting Lisbon)
Striker: C - ronaldo (real Madrid), eder (braga),Copa Mundial Price helder postiga (lazio), almeida (besiktas), nani (Manchester united), rafa (braga), navarre (Porto), vieri Virginia (VFL wolfsburg)


The double! Bild record bayern party to celebrate after the game

The double! Bild record bayern party to celebrate after the game
Bayern Munich in the German cup final last night's 2-0 victory over borussia Dortmund, has obtained the double in this season, bayern players after carnival until late at night, German media bild also recorded the process of the party to celebrate.
The game because of injury, coach pep f50 adizero 3 guardiola three defenders line-up, but he has got the ball up and down the club's high praise. Party, before the start of the team's assistant coach avram grant (Gerland) on stage, "we have a genius coach." Do this to pep guardiola surprise. By bayern Munich chairman karl-heinz rummenigge team players very satisfied, "you have made a great achievement. We have a creative coach, today he is enabled for the first time in three defender play. This is a good season, at the end of the season I would like to express my thanks to the team coach pep guardiola. You are qualified for bayern, made a great achievement." Then guardiola and rummenigge warm hug together.
The President also praised the opening goal of the f50 adizero iii game robben, "robben is the bane of Dortmund. This is the will, passion, this is bayern Munich." Pig and bud figure before the dinner bell was the first to leave, they plan to go to new disco near a shot. At 2 am, Dan for his wife Jocelina sing a song, is also the birthday of Jocelina today, pingsha happy happy birthday. Kept increasing in the morning, pep guardiola and his wife, Cristina and three children to dinner. Night deeper and deeper into the ram, muller, Hector about Babel also insist on the stage,adidas f50 adizero 3 they was accompanied by chairman karl-heinz rummenigge and hopf. At 3:30 in the morning, the lights gradually dim, arjen robben, claudio pizarro, martinez and four combinations of neuer still sing in the club.


Spiegel: Liverpool to 40 million packed binary saints

Spiegel: Liverpool to 40 million packed binary saints
According to the daily mirror reported, ready to offer £ 40 million a Southampton for Liverpool duo la rana and rove Aaron.
The reds boss Rogers wanted to use a lucrative new soccer shoes 2013 offer for the saints to refused to sign the two players, in order to help the team next season to get good grades. Now a planar joining anfield seems to be just a matter of time before, because the red army was his only interest in the team.
But Rogers in Southampton players more than one person, pull the rana of saints defence he rove also very interested. The Croatia international in the summer of last year, prices for 8 million pounds to Southampton, and prove he can soccer cleats 2013 cope with the fierce confrontation. His leadership abilities in defence is Liverpool desperately needed.


Bayern Munich midfielder personnel shortage, young war, or for the opportunity to again

Bayern Munich midfielder personnel shortage, young war, or for the opportunity to again
According to a report by the bild, as bayern Munich midfielder at present were injured, the coach pep guardiola is likely in the next in the German cup final against Dortmund again give oneself beloved teenager hoy don't more playing time.
Finish in the bundesliga game adidas adizero f50 leather fg against Stuttgart, hoy belgorod had substite injured the pig in the first half, after the game, guardiola also praised a way: "everyone at the Berlin final they don't have to take out hoy, courage."
Pep guardiola for hoy don't very seriously, and now, bayern team wounded is numerous, the anchor position of pigs and tiago all injured, in the attack of franck ribery and dempsey also injured, according to a report by the bild, hoy don't,adidas adizero f50 leather or will get more chances in the next game, on the basis of pep guardiola is had earlier in the team's secret training don't test the hoy and claudio pizarro.


ShiWeiYinSiTaiGe injury optimistic, or is in the German cup final

ShiWeiYinSiTaiGe injury optimistic, or is in the German cup final
Finish in the bundesliga, bayern Munich midfielder ShiWeiYinSiTaiGe injury was substituted, Monday he accepted the bayern imperial wall method of examination, examination results show that his injury was not serious, is likely cr7 mercurial ix to return in the German cup final at the weekend.
In the game against Stuttgart ShiWeiYinSiTaiGe injury. On Monday after examined by bayern offering theo falt, test results show that the pig's injury to his left leg knee inflammation. This will make the pig suspended for two days of training, this two days he is confined to the personal resume training.
Club said through the recovery to determine the status of piglet every day, finally determine whether he can in the German cup final against Dortmund on Saturday. It's a race against time.
Piglet injury should not affect the international game,cr7 mercurial 9 the German national team assistant coach frick (HansiFlick) said, "the wall method, will give everything up, he was relieved. I feel under the imperial doctor's care, the pig will play at the weekend, the latest time can catch up with us. I don't worry about it."


28 for the World Cup in Cameroon: Samuel eto 'o and led by the song dynasty

28 for the World Cup in Cameroon: Samuel eto 'o and led by the song dynasty
Time on May 12, 28 for the World Cup in Cameroon football association announced, including the fourth World Cup Chelsea striker Samuel eto 'o and Barcelona midfielder Alexander song.
28 the Cameroon squad, native in Cameroon play only 2 people, the rest are overseas legion. The most famous is the fourth World Cup Chelsea striker Samuel eto 'o and Barcelona midfielder Alexander song, and schalke star Ma Dipu cristiano ronaldo boots ligue 1 silver boots winner abubakar and full-back acu - currently on loan to QPR assou-ekotto are good. World Cup in Cameroon and Brazil, Croatia, Mexico common points in group A.
Add: 28 Cameroon squad
O keeper: Ethan (Kang Yasi fort), Sam bei (GanGang), nordex york (Ferdinand and fort), Roy g sports (g)
Defender: yeah, about granada, dani (besiktas), about the cristiano ronaldo boot ancient sports (g), cutting (galatasaray), lu kourou (marseille), Canada - than he (Ryan), brady mo (Lyon), acu - assou-ekotto (queens park rangers), kay don - bond (olympiakos)
Midfielders: Mr Yong (antalya fort), horse Kuhn (Ryan), Ma Dipu (schalke), Ethiopia's (sevilla), ancient emory (bordeaux), alexandre song (Barcelona), Roy (osasuna), Sally (lance)
Forwards: Samuel eto 'o (Chelsea), ChuBo MoTing mainz, jose's about (Nancy),ronaldo boots abubakar (Lyon), weber, fenerbahce, YiDeLiSu (kaiserslautern), Olympia (ZuErTe tile Reagan)


Carlo ancelotti: lax after real Madrid in the champions league semi-final

Carlo ancelotti: lax after real Madrid in the champions league semi-final
Real Madrid's 2-0 defeat at celta, thus lost the opportunity to shape, real Madrid coach carlo ancelotti after the game play to the team.
Carlo ancelotti said: "this game, we lost two goals, although later we also tried to make up for, but it's too difficult. We lost the league title, directly for the defeat and felt very depressed. After the champions league semi-final, we really mentally relaxed a lot. Now, we need to take a rest, ready for the champions league final."
Carlo ancelotti also spoke about the two important lionel messi cleats players in the array comeback: "o khedira and WeiLuoYa behave very well, they will in the next game against espanyol get playing time."
When it comes to bell's ronaldo's body circumstance, tomorrow said: "the bear's situation is not very good, he had a cold, so the don't want to risk. Cristiano ronaldo has returned to have about the same, can achieve his riafdgojikrwfna best level within 15 days, and I think in the final group game against Spain next week, he can play."
When it comes to the champions league final, the last critical moment of the season, ancelotti said: "I'm not going to consider whether the season of harvest success, that is 24 later of things to do, but what is certain is that we have the lionel messi shoes chance to make a dream come true to real Madrid fans." When asked more bullish on which team won the Spanish, tomorrow, said: "I don't have any bias, Barcelona and atletico Madrid, where a title is the same for me."


Fans investigation: the home team down more pain than to have children?

Fans investigation: the home team down more pain than to have children?
A British company, according to the survey for the fans watching their beloved team demoted to more pain than to have children.
A vote company TLF in Britain launched a vote: look at the home team demoted and which is more pain to have children. As many as 63% of voters would prefer watching their beloved team relegation. Britain has a total of 1201 fans cr7 shoe to participate in the vote - the proportion of men and women are basically the same. It represents the weaker teams, including warren united fans die-hard state of mind. A best-selling author SimonNye said: "warren this riadgowfna place warren united always under the threat of relegation. You can't imagine his supporters have been living in fear."
As a west ham die-hard, the hammer in the heart of the writer PeterMay had seen a team like elevator performance. He said: "I have met 2 times delivery and relegation. 5 times delivery looks really painful but only lasts for a few hours.mercurial cr7 The degradation of pain may continue after last summer. First of all, your team spent the summer in the sales team's best player, then may continue to fall in the new season. The pain of childbirth is a one time, but if your team once the downgrade, you would have to worry about whether it will fall into a vicious cycle has been pain down."
Cardiff city, fulham and basic relegation Norwich fans,cr7 shoes we can imagine how you are going through the pain.


Dutch referee law enforcement and the champions league final, law enforcement and the confederations cup final

Dutch referee law enforcement and the champions league final, law enforcement and the confederations cup final
Uefa announced, 41, a Dutch referee kuyt peierls will law enforcement real Madrid VS atletico Madrid's champions league final this season.
This will be kuyt peierls law enforcement f50 red and the champions league final for the first time. Last season, kuyt peierls had handled the Europa league final, and law enforcement in the summer of last year the Brazil VS Spain in the confederations cup final. The 2011/12 season, the referee has handled the European super cup in Holland.
It is worth mentioning that both real Madrid and atletico Madrid, amssifverto in the library the peierls law enforcement in Iraq has failed to win the game. Kuyt peierls has two degrees in law enforcement in the champions league real Madrid game, f50 red and white were two seasons ago a 1-1 draw against CSKA and last season's champions league semi-final 4-1 defeat to borussia Dortmund.
Kuyt peierls law enforcement atletico game against Chelsea in 2009, two teams with 2-2 shaking hands, atletico Madrid eventually be eliminated at the edge of the group.


UK media: borussia Dortmund phase Swansea efficient scorer

UK media: borussia Dortmund phase Swansea efficient scorer
According to the daily mirror newspaper reports, borussia Dortmund phase the ivory coast striker boni Swansea (WilfriedBony), who in this season's 47 matches scored 24 goals.
Last summer, Swansea spent 12 million pounds to boni to premier league, the efficient striker after a period of time after the adjustment period of continuous power in the second half. In the first season came to the premiership,cristiano ronaldo boots boni, who scored 15 goals his excellent performance attracted the attention of many European teams, including borussia Dortmund.
The Dortmund striker levante, more will be free in the end of the season to bayern, although the Dortmund have signed hertha Berlin striker sergio ramos, but the team might have to sign a striker, Bonny and played for the Wolf fort of cristiano ronaldo boot Manchester city striker edin dzeko is candidate.
Boni is expected to join a team to participate in the champions league, but his agent raschig revealed, the ivory coast striker for the currently playing at Swansea happy: "we are boni debut season in Swansea was satisfied, he for Swansea can give his chance in the premier league was very happy, mlesiftverton we think he's performance can be better next season. He and Swansea still has three years left on his contract,ronaldo boots he the situation is very stable."


Ignoring the discipline, bayern team will additional punishment boateng

Ignoring the discipline, bayern team will additional punishment boateng
Against Hamburg in the team competition, the team defender boateng foul was sent off at the last moment, for the foul, the team board chairman karl-heinz rummenigge said, "can the foul silly, fine boateng additional."
"The foul is mindless, mercurial superfly 2013 ignoring the team discipline." Rummenigge said, fine and boateng for up to five digits. Boateng players before the game and hamburgers demille dispute and stretched out his hand and struck the other face, Leaguanagers get a red card was sent off.
Boateng will miss the team the bundesliga round game against Stuttgart, cr7 mercurial 2013 but after two weeks of boateng can play in the German cup final.